Automated calls to hospitals

What has been done

VoxImplant tools help to schedule the patients’ appointments fully automatically. At the level of telephony, this process has been automated in half of Moscow healthcare centers that cooperate with The VoxImplant robot calls the hospital’s operator to make sure that the doctor is available for the visit at the prearranged time and provide all the required information to make the appointment. The robot also gathers feedback from patients within an hour after the visit.

About is a service that helps patients search for doctors. It helps patients find a good doctor and arrange an appointment in a prompt manner. The service also aims at making the work of doctors and hospitals more transparent for patients. For that purpose, has created a database of doctors, collects feedback from patients after the visits, and publishes the consumer opinions on the website. The database contains as much detail as possible about each specialist (experience, qualification, specialization, schedule, clients’ feedback), based on which the doctors’ ratings are scored.

We strive to automate most of our processes because any manual handling poses obstacles for growth.

All contacts incoming to the call center pass through a telephony service, which we developed ourselves. It performs simple operations and generally suits us well. However, some things are more convenient and cheaper with VoxImplant. In our case, it’s communication with hospitals, namely, making appointments for patients. Manual request processing is too time-consuming both for us and our customers: first, the operator speaks with the patient, then calls the hospital, and then gets back to the customer with the results. Due to automation, we’ve reduced the request processing time by 3-5 times.

Also, we’ve configured automated quality control. When we used to collect feedback manually, we received several hundreds of opinions per month. Now we can get several thousands of opinions. It is cheaper for us, and, above all, it’s highly scalable.
Aleksey Parshukov

VoxImplant in action

Automated calls to hospitals automatically sends appointment requests to VoxImplant. Then the VoxImplant platform calls the healthcare center and provides all the required data to make an appointment: doctor’s name, appointment date and time, patient’s name, date of birth, and phone number. The robot receives the operator’s response and sends the results to the service, which, in turn, notifies the patient that his or her appointment has been scheduled successfully. The phone calls made by the robot to the hospital are recorded.

Automated quality control

Within an hour after the visit to the hospital, the VoxImplant robot calls the customer of for feedback. The VoxImplant platform interviews the patients and sends the results to DocDoc.


VoxImplant speeds up the process of making appointments and improves quality and transparency.
The robot schedules appointments for 60% of patients (700 appointments per week).
Control: call recordings help to solve issues with healthcare centers.
64% of customers provide the robot with their feedback about the quality of service.
Making an appointment automatically takes 1 to 3 minutes while manual scheduling takes 5 minutes and more.