Automated Appointment at the Clinic

Voximplant tools enable to enroll patients without manual processing. Voximplant voicebots call clinic agents to ensure that the doctors are free at the given time and transfer information required for the appointment. They also collect patients’ feedback an hour after the visit.

We aim to automate all internal processes because manual work hampers both business growth and our margins. 

Initially all inbound calls were processed by the call center. An agent manually contacted the patient and switched them to the clinic to make an appointment. This model worked well for a while, but it was not sufficient in terms of the request processing time, agents’ mistakes, and huge overheads if scaled down to one call. It also caused big problems while the business started to grow.

Voximplant was a revelation indeed! Their tools helped us optimise processes we couldn’t automate using traditional methods. Now the clinics are contacted not by an agent, but by a voicebot. Call processing costs 10 times less now and it is 5 times faster! But the main thing is, all problems with numerous appointments have disappeared. 

The next step was to automate the quality control. When we collected feedback manually, we could only process up to 400 reviews per month. Now we gather several thousand reviews. It means calling each and every client. It would be impossible to do so manually. 

Alexey Parshukov
CTO, DocDoc

How it works


Script integration with any application


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers


Speech recognition and natural language processing

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance


Tools for rapid application development


Cloud storage and programming interface


Control. Call recording helps to settle arguments with clinics. 

Effectiveness. DocDoc receives feedback from 100% of clients.

Scalability. Automation enables you to drastically increase the amount of partners and clients.

Automated Appointment at the Clinic

Automated appointment booking DocDoc is a service for search and selection of doctors. It helps to promptly find a good professional and book an appointment with them. It also allows customers to see clinics’ and doctors’ work more transparently. To do that created a database of doctors. It collects clients' feedback and publishes it on their website. Detailed information about a specialist (their experience, qualification, specialisation, schedule and clients’ reviews) forms their rating.

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Customer Service, Сollecting Customer Feedback