Voximplant enables your organization to make and receive calls directly in your CRM. Integrations are becoming one of the most important factors in modern service infrastructure. With VoIP CRM integration, you no longer need to frantically search for a customer’s profile while hearing them complain on the other end.
The connected experience between applications eliminates the need to operate them separately. All calling and CRMfeatures will complement each other as if they were integrated from scratch.

How Does it Work?

While the integration is implemented at different levels, from a user’s perspective, it’s incredibly easy to get a hold of. Your CRM software will be connected to your Cloud Communications which will allow agents to quickly refer back to information like:

  • The company associated with that contact, their job title, department;
  • Relevant information about the company (working hours, physical address, website);
  • Current activities (open tickets with support, ongoing projects);
  • Past interactions (closed cases, purchasing history);
  • Opportunity stage (where the contact is within your sales process).

On top of that, managers receive access to call logging within the same software solution. This equips them with essential call metrics, such as inbound and outbound call volume, total calls, details on missed or answered calls, average calls per day and time, and more. As a result, they gain insight into workflow effectiveness.
While the basic concept still applies, Voximplant caters VoIP solutions based on your individual needs. The functionality your agents will gain from a CRM integration heavily depends on the types of solutions that will be joined.


What Bringing Telephony to your CRM Means for Daily Tasks

VoIP and CRM make undeniable contributions to business needs. At the same time, there are several areas where they overlap. Many companies already operate both systems separately, but it’s hard to justify why given the productivity they can bring together.
Below are some areas that can be successfully optimized by combining VoIP and CRM systems:

  • One-click calls: contact centers, especially high-volume ones, find it challenging to ensure a quick turnaround of calls. This integration improves sales and service staff response times.
  • Customer satisfaction: linking telephony with CRM solutions lets businesses provide a superior level of personalization. It shows the caller that your brand cares about who they are and how they communicate with their customers     .
  • Employee productivity: our solution will fit seamlessly into your company’s existing cloud-based solutions. As a result, it will help your employees manage multiple business functions via a single communication platform.
  • Quantifiable call data: connect your sales representative with key calling metrics. By combining both databases, you will gain      useful, constructive insights.
  • Interactive call scripts: equipped with customer interaction metrics, create effective scripts for your agents and make sure they run in a natural, logical flow.
  • In-tool voice recording: study voice records of conversations between staff and customers to improve service and train new workers.

Major Benefits of Combining CRM and Business VoIP

There are several reasons to combine forces when it comes to phone systems and CRM software. The most important is providing agents with rich context to all interactions. In all areas of customer and employee management, it’s important to understand who you are interacting with.
For example, as soon as you receive a call, your CRM will display everything you need about the caller. In just a couple of clicks, you can access your customer’s profile, what they could be calling about, or if this call is related to a previous unresolved problem. A great perk is that you don’t need any additional equipment other than your existing infrastructure.
All benefits that Voximplant’s solution for VoIP and CRM provide can be boiled down to two points:

  • Provides convenient tools to handle calls from multiple devices;
  • Gives necessary information with less effort on the operator’s part.

Our solution enables your workers to accomplish more tasks in less time. Since they don’t need to switch between different applications, all the data can be read, edited, revised, and saved within one software interface. Try now!