Call center overview: trends and stats shaping the future

2020-05-28 11:26:41
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Buyers and sellers communicate through a call center that handles both inbound and outbound inquiries. Contact centers have to serve customers and allow operators to work efficiently. Now it’s time to look at the statistics and figure out how to create the best version of a contact center for your company.

Continuously growing customer’s expectations force companies to compete not only in the quality of goods and services but also in the quality of customer service.

Channels chosen by customers

  • 66% of customers use three or more channels to communicate with customer support
  • 34% of customers don’t prefer calling since operators keep them on the line
  • 90% of customers expect uninterrupted support via telephone, mail and social networks

Telephone and email were chosen as the easiest-to-use communication channels in the United States

There’s no doubt that nowadays companies should provide as many communication channels as possible. And there is a fact that the rise of new channels such as social networks didn’t make phone or email useless. Actually, it's the opposite. Despite the growing number of users choosing social networks to connect to customer support, most of them still prefer traditional channels.

How customer service affects loyalty

Providing multiple channels support requires system integration. Once you synchronize data via call center software, customer service tools, and CRM systems, your employees can get access to any customer’s data in one screen. This data may include contact information, purchase history or notes left by other team members. Such an approach allows employees to quickly deal with tasks.

According to a Glance’s survey, 12 positive experiences are needed to make up for one unresolved negative experience. As we can see, customer satisfaction has a huge impact on their retention rates. Tough competition and globalization make the process of attracting consumers more complicated, but quality customer service can be one of the company's valuable advantages.

Thus, if you want to improve brand loyalty you should take a customer-centric approach and be active. For instance, companies can conduct quick surveys to figure out if things are going well, or prepare a new offer based on customer preferences. Primarily, you should show your clients that you care about their needs, not just your profits.

Take advantage of robots

63% of contact center leaders agree that chatbots and virtual assistants make it easier for consumers to get their issues resolved, according to a BusinessWire’s article

Voice bots are primarily required for an automated phone conversation with a customer. Robots can handle basic tasks to make live operators focus on more complicated issues. Thanks to speech recognition, processing and synthesis of natural language, companies can provide automated dialogue support to clients.

While creating a voice bot, make sure your scenario will be simple and clear to understand. Don’t forget to add the option of switching to an employee if your customers don’t like to communicate with a robot or if the problem requires a comprehensive solution. 


The future of contact centers will be technologically-sophisticated. Advanced contact centers will be equipped with up-to-date support tools that fully meet customer needs. By connecting robots, companies are able to develop "self-service", which is essential nowadays. Thanks to these features, customers can contact the company in any way they like, which has a positive impact on brand loyalty and company reputation.

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