By Alexey Aylarov, CEO Voximplant

The pandemic has caused us to turn on a dime.  Yet, customer service remains a top priority for any company today.

When we spoke with customers about their “new normal” in customer service, here’s what stuck out to us: They want a better way to maintain and grow customer relationships.

For them, “better” means being equipped to handle the remote and “everywhere” customer. It’s about empowering their agents to engage closely, and stay responsive, on any channel, no matter what. All without heavy lifting.

The message is simple. When stakes are high and customer service means speed, presence, and consistency, existing solutions are simply too clunky and complicated for the job.

And that’s why we’re excited for you to meet the updated Voximplant Kit today.

Voximplant Kit, previously our no-code call automation platform, has now expanded into a full-featured omnichannel cloud contact center that customer-facing teams and contact centers can deploy in minutes. 

Catch Voximplant Kit’s press release here

Built on Voximplant’s infrastructure, Voximplant Kit enables you to automate and accelerate customer services everywhere–no development required (unless you want to).  VoxImplant Kit’s easy-to-use “drag and drop” visual editor for designing communications flows and advanced speech AI integrations coupled with new queuing, agent console, and contact center management features let you dynamically respond to customers your way–with voice and messaging, across languages, with bots and human agents, inbound and outbound.

Companies like *Sentry Health, a fast-growing clinical management and optimization platform, have already started using Voximplant Kit to level up their support during the pandemic when their customers need them the most. 

“To best serve our patients and clients, we needed a simple-to-deploy and manage contact center solution that we could rollout quickly across our organization and non-technical teams. Voximplant Kit was everything we needed but didn’t expect to get in one package.” - Peter Vuong, Cofounder of Sentry Health.

“Everything you need in one package”

VoxImplant Kit enables you to rapidly deploy and customize your contact center voice and messaging interactions. Key features include: 

No-code rollouts: 

  • Easy-to-use “drag and drop” visual editor
  • More team members and departments can directly contribute without specialty expertise
  • Sign-up, customize, and launch in minutes
  • Flexible, faster iteration to improve your performance.

Integrated voice and messaging channels in a single window:

  • Agents can communicate how and where customers are most comfortable- all within a unified workspace. Chat on calls, SMS, Telegram, Whatsapp, and more, or switch between messaging channels
  • Integrate your CRM for agents to see fuller customer data on one screen and prepare for personalized engagement.

Smart omnichannel routing that gets issues resolved faster: 

  • Customize agent routing by language skills, availability, and more, or choose from ready-to-go distribution strategies that get requests to the right agents fast.

Live dashboards for actionable insights and better CSAT/NPS:

  • Track the performance of your contact center in real-time: statistics on calls, agent reporting, and call queues are available in one dashboard. Make smart decisions with relevant insights.

And there’s so much more, including our seamless AI-voice technology integrations that power thousands of human-like smart IVRs for some of the world’s successful brands.

Ready for Voximplant Kit? Get your full experience by signing up here. Want a personalized walk-through instead? Request it by clicking here. Then, grab your popcorn, sit back, and we’ll be in touch to wow you before you know it. 

* Check out the great work from Sentry Health at