Do you find it difficult to keep track of incoming calls and determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? 

Call tracking is the solution to your problems. Whether you're a small business owner or a marketing professional, this guide will show you how to use call tracking to improve your business.

Call tracking is a powerful tool to analyze and optimize phone interactions with customers. Let's explore the many benefits of call tracking and how it can help businesses of all sizes. 

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking involves tracking and analyzing phone calls to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, evaluate customer service, and improve sales. 

You need dedicated call tracking software that allows businesses to obtain valuable data about the source of incoming calls, such as the location, time of day, and keywords used to trigger the call. This data can help businesses optimize their marketing campaigns or improve customer service. But that's not all. There are many other applications of this technology.

What is the benefit?

There are many benefits of implementing call tracking in your business. 

For starters, it gives users the valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. You can analyze the call recordings and transcripts to identify customer inquiries and feedback patterns and use the resulting data to improve products, services, and customer experience.

Another benefit of call tracking is that it lets you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Tracking the source of incoming calls allows users to determine which campaigns generate the most leads so that marketing strategies can be adjusted accordingly. 

This can help save money and resources by allowing marketers to focus on campaigns that are more likely to get results. Moreover, call tracking can help businesses identify which marketing channels drive the most phone calls and allocate their marketing budget accordingly.

Analyzing call data is an excellent way for businesses to identify successful sales tactics and replicate them across different sales teams. Additionally, call tracking also these teams to quickly respond to missed calls and follow up with leads, increasing the chances of converting those leads into customers.

Call Tracking with Voximplant

Voximplant offers a powerful call-tracking solution to help businesses take their communication strategy to the next level. Integrating call tracking with Voximplant's cloud-based communication platform makes it possible for you to:

  1. Capture Data: Voximplant's call tracking software captures essential data about every incoming call, including the caller's number, location, and the marketing channel that triggered the call.
  2. Analyze Data: Voximplant's analytics tools provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Businesses can use this data to optimize their marketing campaigns, customer service, and sales processes.
  3. Automate Responses: Voximplant's call tracking software can be integrated with chatbots and other automated tools to respond instantly to missed calls or inquiries. This ensures that businesses never miss out on a potential customer.

Case Study

Let's look at call tracking as an example to understand the capabilities and benefits of this tool.

PropertyPro (name has been changed for privacy reasons) is a multi-brand operator of international real estate search services. They provide platforms similar to, allowing advertisers to place ads and facilitating communication between buyers and sellers. 

The company's value proposition is to offer sellers a steady stream of high-quality leads for their ads. Realtors who place their properties on PropertyPro's platforms pay for this service. To ensure the quality of leads, PropertyPro uses call tracking methods. Each ad is assigned a phone number controlled by PropertyPro, which is used to receive calls and connect the caller to the realtor. 

A technical challenge, in this case, was to find a way to assign a unique phone number to each ad without significantly increasing the service cost. PropertyPro solved this problem using a "pool number for each country + extension" scheme. They also had to work on the user experience to ensure that entering the extension (the ad ID) would not surprise the caller or affect conversion rates.

Another critical aspect of the service is its "one-sidedness." Once a lead is connected to a realtor, the realtor must have access to the lead's direct phone number. To achieve this, Voximplant had to find international communication providers to preserve the original caller's number during redirection.

The result is a successful case where the PropertyPro system and traffic can be scaled to support their customers' needs. Realtors can receive high-quality leads while ensuring that callers have a positive experience interacting with their service. 

Overall, PropertyPro's approach to international real estate search services has provided a valuable platform for buyers and sellers worldwide.

The case study of PropertyPro, a multi-brand international real estate search operator, demonstrated the benefits and challenges of implementing call tracking to ensure the quality of leads for realtors. PropertyPro successfully used call tracking to assign a unique phone number to each ad and provide a positive experience for both callers and realtors.

Every business is unique, and our team is happy to help you with your specific needs. Learn more about call tracking and how it has benefited other clients here.