Who Should Use Call Automation?

2020-04-07 15:37:05
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The Voximplant HTTP API makes it possible to initiate single or batch outbound calls. Cloud JavaScript sessions are created for each call, while the API allows for connecting audio between calls, recording calls, converting speech to text, synthesizing speech from text, and much more. The cloud JS session can communicate with other services by making and accepting HTTP requests.

Who Should Use Call Automation?

Voximplant’s automated phone system offers both large and small business helpful capabilities. If business owners, marketers, and sales representatives deal with calls on a regular basis, automated software will bring value to their work. Below are just a few examples of operations that our service helps to modernize:

  • Customer reminders – Reach out automatically from your scheduler and remind customers of their appointments, bookings, bills, cancellations, and anything else. This will save your operators a lot of time.
  • Emergency messages – Prepare to deal with emergencies in a timely manner. Record your urgent alert message or quickly set up calls (if you have 24/7 agent availability) any time of the day or night.
  • Lead follow-up – Don’t miss another opportunity to stay in touch with leads by making sure that your team gets them on the phone and closes the deal.
  • Automated messages – Leave pre-recorded voice messages on answering machines to save your representatives hours each week. This extends your reach beyond what live operators can accomplish.
  • Community polls and surveys – An advanced phone system also enables collecting information and gainingfeedback without having to manually call numbers on a list or go door-to-door. The more data you have, the more accurate results your analysis will generate. 

Automation can be applied to political campaigns, bill collection, service pick-up and delivery, weather alerts, and many other areas.

Powerful but Easy-to-Use System

An automated call service brings real value to both businesses and their customers:

  • Personal touch – In some cases, texts and emails can have a negative effect on interpersonal relationships. Many people still prefer communicating with a human being.
  • Delivery speed – An automated calling software makes sense in situations where speed and accuracy are important for outbound calls. For example, quick management of callbacks equates to better customer experience.
  • Simultaneous calls – Traditional phone systems can’t handle a large volume of calls. With this technology, your employees can manage thousands of simultaneous phone calls from a single computer.
  • Live transfers – Connect your contacts with a live representative after a quick screening process to optimize theirworkflows. Your operators will only be occupied with calls that are worth their time.

Lastly, the set-up and implementation are straightforward, and your team will be accustomed to new workflows in no time.

But if it is automated, it wouldn't be with a human operator. Interested? – Contact Us

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