Automated Processing of Customer Requests | Hyundai Motor

Within a minute from a customer leaving a test drive request, support service request, or request for credit on the Hyundai website, they are contacted on the phone by a robot. If the customer confirms their request, Voximplant automatically connects the dealer and the customer. Furthermore, a robot calls the customers for quality control. All of the data from these calls is reflected in the CRM system of the car importer.
This case is from the Contact Centers industry.
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Hyundai Motor was formed in 1981 and is today one of the top car maufacturers in the world. Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Russia (HMMR) is one of the largest dealer networks in Russia which includes more than 180 dealer centers. Hyundai leading position in CIS car market is due to HMMR activity.

Step 1: Request verification. Hyundai’s CRM via HTTP API provides the customer’s phone number to Voximplant cloud, after which the cloud automatically tries to call the customer during business hours. When the customer is reached, a JavaScript is activated which communicates with the customer through voice synthesis and voice menu.


Step 2: Automatic connection. If the customer confirms their desire to use the company’s services, Voximplant automatically calls the appropriate dealer according to their work schedule and time zone. After receiving confirmation from the dealer to accept the call, the customer is reached for the second time. All calls are recorded and can be accessed from the CRM.


Step 3: Quality control. Voximplant cloud stores information about the contacted customers and later calls them, receives feedback on the quality of service received, and automatically provides this information to Hyundai.

  • http-api
  • voicemail-detection
  • voice-recording
  • tts
  • ivr
  • cloud-js
Automated Processing of Customer Requests | Hyundai Motor

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