Updated: September 15, 2023

This ​Premium ​Technical Support Policy (“Policy”) governs provision of the ​Premium ​Technical Support Services (“​Premium ​Support Services”) under the terms of Voximplant Master Subscription Agreement (“Agreement”) between Voximplant, Inc., a Delaware corporation with the principal address at 150 West 25th Street, RM 403 New York City, NY 10001, United States of America ( “Voximplant”, “us” or “we”) and the Client (“you” or “Client”). Unless otherwise provided herein, the Policy is subject to the terms of the Agreement and capitalized terms will have the meaning specified in the Agreement. 

1. Introduction

1.1. The Policy intends to define service plans and target levels of the ​Premium ​Support Services provided by Voximplant (as per the relevant Order). This Policy, together with the Order, form an integral part of the Agreement and defines the maintenance and support services to be provided by Voximplant to the Client for the duration of the Support Term specified in the Order. 
1.2. ​Premium Support Services is subject to additional charge. ​The Policy applies only if there is a valid Order for the ​Premium ​Support Services executed by Client. 

2. Definitions

"Response Time" means the period from registration of the Ticket in the Ticketing System of Voximplant Support Center to the moment of the first response of Voximplant Support Center’s Specialist on the Ticket. The Response Time is not equal to the Incident Resolution Time. 
"Incident Resolution Time" means the period from the registration of the Ticket on the Incident in the Ticketing System to the earlier of the events specified in sections Incident Resolution Time shall include only actual time of Voximplant’s work on the Ticket commencing from the registration of the Incident Ticket in the Ticketing System. The period while Ticket was on Client’s side shall not be included into the Incident Resolution Time.  
"Technical Account Manager" or “TAM” means the representative of Voximplant Support Center assigned to a specific client. TAM’s duties are specified in section 6 of this Policy.    
"Hotline" means a telephone line for communication with Voximplant Support Center. 
"Ticket" means the User's registered ​Premium ​Support Services request to Voximplant Support Center with a unique identification number assigned by the Ticketing System. 
"Incident" means a severe event in the operation of the Service (as defined in the Agreement) that is not part of its normal functioning, and which causes or may cause an interruption or decrease in the quality of the Service. All other issues are not considered as Incidents. 
"User" means the representative of Client authorized to submit Tickets to Voximplant Support Center and interact with TAM or Voximplant Support Center on the Ticket-related issues. 
"Proactive monitoring" means the connection of the Service (as defined in the Agreement) to Voximplant internal monitoring system with the function of warnings triggered by detection of negative trends in the use of the Service to mitigate and prevent technical risks and failures in the performance of the Services. Available only for Service developed by Voximplant. 
"Service” means the joint reference to the services provided under the Agreement (except for ​Premium ​Support Services). The list of Services in relation to which Voximplant provides ​Premium ​Support Services shall be agreed and specified in the Order.  
"Support Center Specialist" means any representative of Voximplant Support Center. 
"Support Center" means Voximplant technical support department that oversees receiving Tickets and provision of ​Premium ​Support Services.  
"Service Plan" means the set of specific ​Premium ​Support Services and target levels for the provision of ​Premium ​Support Services by Voximplant to Client. Available Service Plans are listed in Section 4 of this Policy. Support Service Fees and selected Service Plan shall be agreed and specified in the relevant Order.  
"Ticketing system" means the set of software and hardware used by Voximplant for provision of Services for registration and processing of support requests submitted by Client. 
"​Premium ​Support Services" means the set of technical support services provided to Client to ensure proper functioning of the Service.  
"Severity" means a measure of business criticality of the Ticket, based on an assessment of the Incident impact on the performance of the Service, or on an assessment of the importance of the Ticket-related issue, if the issue is not related to the Incident. 
Support Center E-mail” means e-mail address of the Support ​Center​ support@voximplant.com

"GAP Analysis" means the analysis of changes to the API of the Service that may lead to the inoperability of the Services, and the development of a plan to eliminate incompatibilities. 

3. General terms and conditions

3.1 ​​Premium ​Support Services shall be provided during the term specified in the Order. 

3.2 ​​Premium ​Support Services may include: 

3.2.1 Diagnosing, analyzing, and determining the causes of failures and disruption of the functioning of the supported Service. Voximplant shall use reasonable endeavors to reduce the downtime of the Service.  

3.2.2 Development of proposals for temporary solutions to achieve a result similar to the result that would have been obtained with the normal functioning of the Service (if technically possible) like if the Service was working without any failures. 

3.2.3 Advising Users on eliminating failures and malfunctions of the Service, analyzing and correcting errors in the operation of the Service. 

3.2.4 General advice on working with the Service (clarification of functions and features of the Service, clarification on technical documentation for the Service). 

3.3 ​​Premium ​Support Services do not include: 

3.3.1 Any questions regarding telecommunications, infrastructure, network, and any other equipment, as well as system, application, related and other software that is not included in the list of supported Service as specified in the Order. 

3.3.2 Solving problems related to Incidents on which User does not provide accurate information reasonably requested by Voximplant to provide ​Premium ​Support Services. 

3.3.3 Solving problems related to failures in the operation of related software, hardware and systems provided to Client not by Voximplant. 

3.3.4 Solving problems related to the infrastructure failures outside of Voximplant’s reasonable control. Examples of infrastructure failures: unscheduled power outage, instability of the supply voltage or insufficient voltage of equipment, short circuits in the power supply network, interference with the low-current network by power equipment, malfunction of network equipment, access by unauthorized persons through an external unregistered wi-fi network, any failures in the performance of Client’s infrastructure, etc. 

3.3.5 Solving problems related to failures of third-party telecom operators, whose infrastructure may be involved in the use of the Service. 

3.3.6 Solving problems​​ that are outside of Voximplant reasonable control. 

3.4 Provision of ​Premium ​Support Services by Voximplant is impossible without proactive cooperation with Client. Client shall: 

3.4.1 Provide full information related to the Ticket as requested by Voximplant Support Center. 

3.4.2 Provide additional information if requested by Voximplant Support Center. User's response time to the request of Support Center shall not exceed the Response Time of the Support Center as specified in the relevant Service Plan. In case User does not respond within this deadline Voximplant shall be entitled to decrease Priority Level of the Ticket. 

3.4.3  Assist Support Center Specialists to determine the root cause of the Incident. 

3.4.4 Respond to requests from Support Center to confirm closure of the Ticket. If Client does not respond to the request to confirm closure of the Ticket within 48 (Forty-eight) hours from the date of receipt of the request, or in case of Client unjustified refusal to confirm the closure of the Ticket, the Ticket is considered successfully closed. For the purposes of calculating the Incident Resolution Time, the Ticket is considered closed upon the earlier of the events specified in sections 

3.4.5 Follow the recommendations of the Support Center to rectify the Incident.  

3.4.6 Timely and fully pay for the ​Premium ​Support Services in accordance with the current Service Plan as set forth by the Agreement.  

3.5 The Parties shall agree the list of Client’s authorized Users who are entitled to submit Tickets. Tickets from unauthorized representatives of Client shall not be processed by Voximplant. 

3.6 Voximplant shall be entitled to involve third parties for the provision of ​Premium ​Support Services without Client’s approval. Voximplant shall remain responsible to Client for the provision of ​Premium ​Support Services by engaged third parties. 

3.7 Services are provided in English. 

4. Service Plans 

  Service Plan    SILVER   GOLD​    ​​PLATINUM​ 
Support Center is open to receive Tickets 
By E-mail support@voximplant.com (will be processed by Support Center Specialist)  24/7 availability 24/7 availability 24/7 availability
By TAM in dedicated chat or by TAM’s mobile phone  Business hours of TAM (as per the Order)   Business hours of TAM (as per the Order)  24/7 availability 
Response Time 
Severity I, hours  2 1 1
Severity II, hours  3 2 1
Severity III, hours  5 4 4
Severity IV, hours 24 8 8
TAM Yes Yes Yes
Number of TAM working hours per month  8 40 80
Additional services 
Proactive monitoring   No Yes Yes
GAP analysis in case of changes to the Service  No Yes Yes


5. SLA 

5.1 ​​​Voximplant Service Level Agreement is available at https://voximplant.com/legal/service-level-agreement. Service Level Agreement is an integral part of this Policy and shall be considered as incorporated into this Policy by reference.​​ 

6. TAM 

6.1 Within the limit of working hours as per the Service Plan TAM shall: 

6.1.1 Fix problems of the Service functioning (subject to technical possibility, considering the technical complexity of the issue) or give recommendations how the issue may be fixed. 

6.1.2 Submit Tickets to the Support Center on behalf of Client. 

6.1.3 Manage work on the Client’s Tickets. 

6.1.4 Interact with the User while processing the Ticket. 

6.1.5 Serve as intermediary in the communication between Client and Support Center.  

6.1.6 Upon Client’s request, notify Client on the status of open Tickets. 

6.1.7 Take care of escalation if necessary. 

6.1.8 Advise and consult on the use of the Service, ​collect​ feedback on the use of the Service to improve the Service functionality, share the best practices for the use of the Service. 

6.1.9 Perform GAP analysis if it is provided for by the selected Service Plan.  

6.2 TAM is assigned to a specific Client to improve the quality of customer service. 

6.3 The total number of TAM’s service hours per month that relates to a specific customer is limited to the number of hours specified in the Service Plan. If the limit is exhausted TAM shall make commercially reasonable efforts to continue working with the Client, however, TAM shall be entitled to redirect all Tickets and Client’s questions to the Support Center’s Email. To extend the limit of service hours, Client should upgrade the chosen Service Plan. 

6.4 TAM communicates with the Client’s Users directly through mobile phone and e-mail of TAM or in a ​​special chat.        ​ 

6.5 Upon receipt of a request from the User, TAM analyzes the issue to identify the Incident and determines its Severity. Depending on the degree of technical complexity of the issue and the scope of resources required to fix the problem, TAM either: a) solely fix the problem (subject to the limit of service hours of TAM in current calendar month is not exhausted); or b) submits the Ticket to the Support Center on behalf of Client and keeps Client informed on its status. 

6.6 Voximplant shall be entitled to replace TAM assigned to Client with prior notice to Client sent by e-mail 5 (Five) calendar days before the suggested date of change of TAM. In that notice Voximplant shall indicate contact details of the new TAM.    

7. Severity 

7.1 The Response Time of Voximplant Support Center to Tickets depend on the Severity of the Ticket: 

Severity level  Description 
Severity I  Critical Incident that entails a complete inoperability of the Service, while there is no alternative solution.  
Examples of Severity I Incidents:  
  • The Service is completely down 
  • Critical functionality of the Service is down 
  • The functionality of incoming or outgoing calls is not available 
  • Authorization to the Service is not available 
  • The interface of the Service is unavailable (when the unavailability of the interface affects the functioning of the Service)  
Severity II  Incident in which only certain functionality of the Service is not available, while the critical functionality of the Service is not affected, or an alternative solution for accessing the functionality is possible. 
Examples of Severity II Incidents: 
  • A certain functionality of the Service is not available, but it is possible to use other functionality instead 
  • The functionality of the reporting API is not available, but it is possible to ​download​ to CSV/Excel 
  • Authorization to the Service from a specific network segment is not available 
Severity III 

Non-critical service request that does not affect the unavailability of the Service, but rather relates to the normal functioning of the Service. Severity III Tickets shall not be considered as Incidents. 

Examples of Severity III service requests: 

  • Consultations on the functionality and work with the Service 
  • Phone number p​orting requests 
  • Questions on the documentation of the Service 
Severity IV  Means other non-critical service requests, such as requests to ​export​​ historical data, requests to improve the functionality of the Service. All requests not mentioned above fall within this Severity level.


7.2 Considering that Voximplant has necessary technical expertise, determination of the Severity level shall be at Voximplant’s sole discretion. Client shall be entitled to dispute assigned Severity level and submit additional information supporting request to redefine Severity level, however, the final determination of the Severity level shall be made solely by Voximplant. 

7.3 While processing the Ticket, Severity level might be changed: 

7.3.1 In case of change of impact of the Incident on the functioning of the Service;  

7.3.2 In case of alternative solution that does not eliminate the Incident, but allows to reduce the Severity of the Incident; 

7.3.3 As a result of Client dispute of the Severity level assigned by Voximplant; 

7.3.4 If Client fails to provide the information or access necessary for the provision of the Services.  

8. Tickets workflow 

8.1 Submit the Ticket 

8.1.1 For issues that do not relate to Incidents and do not require written communication, Client may contact Support Center: 

    • By Hotline, or
    • By TAM’s contact details, or 
    • By E-mail of Support Center. 

8.1.2 To report the Incident and submit the Ticket, Client shall: 

8.1.3 If the issue cannot be resolved immediately, Ticket shall be created. The Ticketing System creates Tickets: Upon User’s request sent to the Support Center E-mail, or Upon request through https://manage.voximplant.com, or Upon request of TAM sent on behalf of the Client.  

8.1.4 When creating the Ticket, the Ticketing System assigns a unique registration number to each Ticket, which is sent to the request sender’s email. Further communication on the Ticket should be made only using the unique registration number of the Ticket. 

8.2 Process the Ticket 

8.2.1 Tickets are processed by Voximplant Support Center in accordance with the Severity level assigned to the Ticket. 

8.2.2 The Response Time for the Ticket is determined as per the chosen Service Plan.   

8.2.3 Support Center shall provide quality support and make all reasonable efforts to fix the root of the Incident as soon as possible, depending on the Severity level. However, to ensure technical possibility to fix critical Incidents as quickly as possible, fixed Incident Resolution Time is set only for Severity I Incidents. Tickets with other Severity levels will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.  

8.3 Close the Ticket.  

8.3.1 The Ticket is considered as successfully closed if processing of the Ticket ends with one of the following events: The functionality of the Service has been restored and the Service is operating normally. The User is provided with information that allows the Incident to be resolved. The User is provided with instructions on how to receive a software update or a new release of the Service to eliminate the Incident. The User is informed that the issue is caused by necessity to develop additional features of the Service, which can either be developed for Client for an additional charge or cannot be developed due to the technical infrastructure of the Service. The User is informed that the problem is not related to the supported Service. The User is informed that the root cause of the issue is outside of Voximplant’s reasonable control. The User is informed that the issue will be resolved in a new version/update/upgrade of the Service. 

9. Escalation   

9.1 Client shall be entitled to escalate the Ticket if: 

9.1.1 The Response Time for a Ticket exceeds the target levels specified in the Service Plan. 

9.1.2 Voximplant violates SLA. 

9.1.3 Client does not agree with the Severity level assigned to the Ticket or is not satisfied with the quality of ​Premium ​Support Services provided by Voximplant for one or more Tickets. 

9.2 Client escalation request should be sent to the e-mail address of the person in charge according to the escalation matrix ​specified in the relevant Order executed by Client​. Escalation request shall include Ticket number and escalation reason.