Voximplant for E-Commerce

Deliver contextual, personalized, and automated shopping experiences.


Embrace an omnichannel strategy

Shoppers want to communicate with retailers via channels they already use. Integrate voice calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger. Keep the context, wherever the conversation continues. Enable seamless interactions across channels using Voximplant

Personalize customer interactions

Use customer information to provide a more personalized service. Set up smart call routing based on customer location, time zone and shopping history. Build intelligent call queues and notify callers about the remaining time with personalized voice prompts

Make AI your competitive advantage

Voximplant’s voice and chatbots can serve your shoppers at each stage of the sales funnel. Robots confirm orders, specify delivery details and gather customer feedback. The data can be automatically saved to your CRM

Re-engage customers with high-value abandoned carts

If a known customer puts in $500 worth of merchandise into their cart and then abandons it, re-engage them automatically by calling them using a voicebot or a live agent

E-Commerce Solutions

Smart IVR

Smart IVR

The IVR system uses speech recognition and synthesis to handle customer requests. A voicebot can handle most of the questions, and if there are advanced questions, automatically transfer them to a live agent. Build an intelligent IVR and serve customers efficiently

Learn more about Smart IVR
Programmable messaging

Programmable messaging

Add live chat to your service with Voximplant APIs. Synchronize customer conversations across SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram to maintain context everywhere

Learn more about Programmable messaging
Call tracking

Call tracking

See which ads, web pages and campaigns generate phone calls. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing channels and identify the best way to attract customers

Learn more about Call tracking


Let customers contact your agents without leaving an app. Add click-to-call on your website or app and process calls over the Internet

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What Our Customers Say

S7 Airlines Implemented Click-To-Call in a Mobile App

The click-to-call feature is not only convenient for users but also for developers with a very straightforward API. Our colleagues from Voximplant are open to feedback so a problem never remains unsolved. Above all, within the five-year history of our collaboration, I cannot recall any major technical problem.


Egor Bayandin
DD for technological development, S7 Airlines

Why Choose Voximplant


From no-code to full code

For non-technical people, use our out-of-the box solutions, templates, or our drag-and-drop visual builder to enhance your customer experience. For those that want to build custom code solutions, use the Voximplant Platform to have full control.



Our customers are not locked into any contract or commitment through a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Alternatively, we offer volume discounts and committed use pricing to those that expect high volumes and contact us.


True serverless

Don’t worry about maintaining operating systems, provisioning servers and storage capacity. We provide the infrastructure to host your app.

Getting Started is easy

We have generous free tiers available to get you started right away.