Grow Food

Cloud Call Center

To provide a customer-friendly service, Grow Food specialists developed a cloud call center. Grow Food developers built call queues and integrated them with the CRM to display customer data when an inbound call arrives. The solution is based on the Voximplant platform.

At first glance, given the large number of ready-made services, it makes no sense to create your own call center solution: it is a time-consuming, resource-intensive and budget-draining process. But boxed products present a number of drawbacks that are not noticeable at first, but after rollout, these "gaps" require significant investments in terms of enhancement and customization.

The Voximplant platform offers a number of advantages – complete freedom, transparency and a pay-as-you-go format: you can customize telephony to suit your needs, receive detailed analytics on calls, there is no need to keep a staff of employees serving the call center around the clock, and you pay only for what is currently used.

Taras Svitashev
Head of Customer Service, GrowFood

How it works


Interactive Voice Response


Script integration with any application

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance


Control. Full control over courier-customer communication. 

Service Reservation. New level of call center operation effectiveness.

Speed. Agent responds 2 seconds after IVR.

Cloud Call Center

Grow Food is a catering service that aims to deliver proper nutrition: the service offers cooking, washing dishes and calculation of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, saving the customer time and money.

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