Automation of Incoming Calls via IVR

Flowwow receives incoming calls from both customers and partner stores. A typical scenario for most incoming messages allowed us to automate their processing. IVR advises on basic questions and directs the call to the shop in charge if necessary.

Flowwow’s strategy is to decrease the number of calls by using this interface but due to the annual growth of our business by 150-200% and customer database expansion, we can’t give up telephony altogether. Automatic answers powered by Voximplant were set up in less than a week. We were pleased to learn that all technical issues could be addressed through online chat.

Vera Modenova
Head of Customer Service Department, Flowwow


Given the current volume of calls, it makes no sense to have a staff of operators on duty

After the mobile app became available, customers increasingly began to prefer chatting to talking over the phone. Meanwhile, the number of calls per day is kept at the level of 80-90: 30 phone orders and 50-60 support calls. To process them, it is pointless to maintain a staff of operators, although the company does not plan to completely abandon telephony.


Smart IVR and Call Routing

Smart IVR

The Flowwow call center receives calls from partners, customers with a finalized order, and customers who intend to finalize their orders. Thanks to integration with the CRM system, IVR independently determines the caller's profile by phone number and plays one of 15 scenarios. So, if new customers call, i.e. those whose phone numbers are not in the Flowwow database, they hear the recording of answers to the most popular questions, after which, if necessary, they can be put through to an operator.


Call forwarding with text-to-speech capability

If a customer who has recently placed an order calls to ask additional questions about its status, the call is transferred to the manager of the store in charge. In this case, before connecting the buyer with the seller, IVR tells the latter the purpose of the call as well as the buyer's order number. The order number is determined in the CRM system and is voiced through speech synthesis.

How it works


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers


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Interactive Voice Response

Phone Numbers

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Cloud storage and programming interface


Speech recognition and natural language processing


Efficient and convenient communication of customers with the service

First of all, IVR is convenient for customers who need to find out where their order is: the robot minimizes the time that would be spent on this task. So, a customer immediately gets through to the manager in charge of their purchase, and does not even have to give the order number.

What’s more, current and potential customers can get an answer to their question by reading the FAQs – either on the website, or by listening to highlights over the phone.

Automation of Incoming Calls via IVR

Flowwow is a web-based platform for sellers and customers that can be used to order flowers, gifts, pastries, handmade items, etc. in 950 cities around the world, with payment made online or upon receipt.

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