Our voices transmit an incredible amount of information including our identities. Everyone’s voice is unique, which allows us to recognize someone we know based on their voice over the phone. The use of voice for identification is known as voice biometrics.

Verifying the identity of a caller is a common frustration for callers and call center agents alike. Callers often don't remember a password, so agents would instead ask a series of identifying questions repeatedly until they can be certain of their identity. This process is not only time consuming, but it also drives up agent costs and leads to a less than desirable caller experience.

The use of a caller ID is an option to help address this painful agent-caller experience. Your call center could associate a user with a phone number and use the incoming caller ID as an identifier. However, that approach fails quickly if the caller dials in with a different phone. Also, phone numbers are easily spoofed by fraudsters, so using the phone number alone is not secure enough for sensitive transactions. 

Why voice biometrics is more efficient and secure

For many call centers dealing with high volume calls, authenticating with voice biometrics is a more efficient and secure method to verify caller identity. In voice biometric authentication, your callers would speak a phrase or set of phrases as their voice password. When they call in again, they can use this phase to authenticate. To further optimize this, you can move the whole process into an IVR. This not only saves significant time for your agents but it also allows you to offload them from the verification process and focus them on higher-value tasks. Since authentication just requires speaking a short passphrase, it also saves time for your callers. 

Getting started with voice biometrics is easy

You can add voice biometrics to your calls in minutes by following Voximplant’s IVR with Voice Biometric Authentication tutorial: https://voximplant.com/docs/tutorials/voice-biometric-authentication.  All you need is  Voximplant’s serverless Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and a VoiceIt biometrics account - no external servers required.  Sign up for a free Voximplant developer account or talk to our experts to get started.