The unexpected spread of a new virus around the world has caused great upheaval among workplaces and their employees. KFC has launched a hotline where staff can ask questions about the coronavirus to reduce their anxiety and warn them of any precautions.

The situation is rapidly changing and each day, KFC employees have new questions. According to brand experts, it is very important not only to inform employees about increased safety and hygiene measures to follow, but also to answer concerns they might have about the workplace. This is why KFC has launched an internal hotline using Voximplant Kit to help their staff cope and provide prompt, detailed  responses via email newsletters.

How is the service implemented?

KFC has created a custom solution for collecting employees’ oral questions. Anyone can call the hotline and ask any question related to the coronavirus. Speech is transcribed with the help of voice recognition technology and then entered into the database. The top questions, which the company will formulate responses to, are collected into a specific pool. Then, KFC answers each question in detail by email and other communication channels.

The caller can give their name or choose to remain anonymous: the virtual assistant immediately offers either option as a choice. Those who identify themselves are also asked to specify the restaurant where they work. And those who prefer to remain anonymous are immediately invited to voice their question. When the hotline understands and records the question, a tapping sound is made so the caller understands that their question was received and recorded.

Why is voice communication preferable?

It is often easier for people to express their thoughts verbally. It is also important that employees have the option to remain anonymous because some might feel uncomfortable asking questions about health. Finally, empathy is crucial: the virtual assistant voice is as close as possible to a natural sounding human voice, so the caller does not feel that he/she is talking to an apathetic robot. These measures allow KFC to keep in touch with employees and inform them about what is happening.

Thus, employees’ health and safety, as well as that of the customers, is an absolute priority for KFC restaurants. In addition to clear instructions and a hotline for employees, all restaurants have strict safety and personal hygiene standards. Employees are provided with all necessary tools to keep themselves and others safe at work.

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