Customers are now much better informed than ever before and there are so many products, services and solutions that users can choose from. If you do not offer them what they want and are looking for, you can easily lose customers.

Maintaining customer loyalty is just as important as attracting new customers. Keeping as many loyal customers as possible is key to the growth and profitability of your business. 

An important part of every business is customer service. Did you know that this is an excellent marketing tool? Clients distribute information, share their experience with others, so it is very important to give them the opportunity to talk about you in a positive light. This is why companies strive to satisfy every customer by providing the best possible service.

However, customers are becoming increasingly demanding. That's why companies need to focus on providing comprehensive customer service and let customers decide when and how to contact your company.

Needless to say, customer service starts with the website, so it's important to maintain the FAQ section so that users can easily find the answer they're looking for. If customers can solve their problem on their own, it means the section is easy to use. You've thought it over, and the client hasn't spent much time looking for an answer and hasn't taken up the operators’ time. However, you should not forget about the contact center, which is necessary for consultations.

Phone calls remain the most frequently used form of customer service. In addition, customer service has never been so easy thanks to the introduction of various technologies. If you want to stand out, use tools such as:

  • IVR;
  • Voice assistants, which will allow you to quickly distribute calls between operators and take over frequently asked and simple questions, so that employees can solve more complex problems;
  • Programmable callback if a large number of customers are waiting on the line;
  • Automatic telephone surveys, which help collect statistics and the opinion of clients about the company;
  • Number masking to protect both client and employee data;
  • Programmable messaging for real-time messaging;
  • Intelligent voice agent based on AI, which can work as a live operator with complex questions without getting tired and making mistakes.

These are just some of the features that help create a superior customer experience. 

So, let's take a look at some of the important things that will help the company establish a strong connection with its customers.

Popular Questions

1.   What is the main reason why a personalized approach is invaluable to customers?

Welcoming a caller by name, getting to know their past interactions, becoming acquainted with the services and products they use.

In a sense, all customers feel unique and special, especially when companies are so respectful of their customers. Each company is now looking for personalisation, segmentation and individualisation. Clients do not want to be perceived as "another", "yet another", and they are not fond of the general approach. Addressing a client by name is a trick that will soon be used by everyone. The goal is to make it easier for the customer to interact with your company. If you already have all the information about the customer when they call, you don't have to ask them for additional information. This conveys the impression that an attempt is being made to extract information from the customer, whereas the key issue has still not been dealt with.

2.   Is it true that if the company establishes a relationship with the client, it is more difficult for him or her to leave and go over to the competitors?

Not all companies know how to create a relationship with a client. Relationships are created with a specific person thanks to the company’s values. When a company has no vision or values to which it is committed, customers are not interested in building a long-term relationship with the company. Clients appreciate a caring attitude, interest in their life, competent offers and 24-hour assistance. Therefore, if the company can meet these needs and also impresses the client with its goals, values or vision, it will be reluctant to consider competitors. 

3.   How to build a relationship with a client

Ironically, customer loyalty arises mainly when problems are solved in a way that exceeds the customer’s expectations.

4.   Do clients expect their problem to be solved during the first phone call?

Definitely. There is a great expression "DRIFT" = Do the right thing from the first time is a principle to follow. Solving a customer's problem during the first phone call saves a lot of money compared to making a callback.

5.   Can customers be dissatisfied with the voice assistant?

Of course they can. Especially if the voice does not sound as melodic as expected, or the voice bot does not understand the client, or calls at an inconvenient time. There could be a lot of reasons. The main thing here is to find out what your clients don't like and fix it. After all, you can change the voice synthesis by choosing one that sounds more like a human. And to understand the bot, the client needs either to expand the database, which is the source of knowledge of the voice assistant, or add AI. And calls at the wrong time can be reduced, if only to analyze the statistics of major customers. For the majority of working people, it makes sense to make calls outside working hours.

So, we have considered with you the possibilities that can be used to provide better customer service. Brand loyalty comes from customers, which means that by meeting their needs, you can cultivate a long-term relationship with people. And this, of course, will lead to increased recognition, demand for goods and services, as well as increased profits - the most important goal of any business.