Phone Number Masking

Safe, convenient and affordable communication for your app users

Why Use a Masked Number?

Phone conversations are essential for conducting business. However, in many communication scenarios there is no need for the parties involved to expose a fixed phone number that can act as a means for identifying information. Phone number masking uses replacement phone numbers for call participants so business communication can be conducted in a more controlled and safe manner.

Protection of user and employee privacy

  1. Customers can safely interact with your company’s services, while employees can also rest assured that their phone numbers are not shared.

In-platform interactions

  1. Stay in control of how users interact with your services. Also, avoid off-platform transactions to prevent revenue leakage.

Tracking and analysis

  1. Gain a competitive advantage through insights on customer and vendor communications.

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Voximplant Phone Number Masking Benefits

  • Complete audit history

    If needed, keep a complete history of calls and even record for auditing and analytics

  • Many convenient calling options

    Call over the phone network, embedded VoIP calling in mobile apps, or on any webpage

  • Enhance features

    Improve on masking by adding other features like prompts, Smart IVR, or even interactive bots

  • Multi-modal support

    Mask the number for both voice calls and SMS messages

Where Can Phone Masking Be Used?

The real purpose behind number masking has nothing to do with keeping customers in the dark. It is a useful tool to provide a secure experience for everyone, and there are many real-world examples of it preventing misuse of sensitive information. Typical applications include:

Classified services

allowing marketplace buyers and sellers to keep their privacy.

Temporary offerings

disable calls outside regular business hours or when an offer is no longer applicable.

Deliveries, taxis, ride-sharing, house maintenance

communications between service providers and customers (app users) are managed from one company account, which is easier to handle.

Anonymous debt collector phone calls

if debtors ignore legitimate collection calls, you can reach them from an alternative number.

International business communications

rather than having call centers for each country, you can direct all calls to one international account.