Order Correction Voice Reminder

If the ordered goods are not available, golama’s partner shop makes an offer to clients to replace items by sending a push notification in the app. golama uses Voximplant voicebots to make sure their clients don’t miss the notification.

Our clients regularly missed push notifications so the missing items were simply deleted from their orders. In order to avoid negative feedback from customers, we started to notify them about the need for replacement by phone as well. Agents spent 30% of their time doing that and contact centers sometimes didn’t make it in time because of request overloads. 

Together with Voximplant, we automated voice notifications and developed our own voicebot Innokenty. We like that it’s not a standard recorded phrase, but synthesized speech that allows changing text and voice options in a few minutes.

Roman Nikitin
CTO, golama

How it works


Script integration with any application


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers

Voicemail Detection

Detection of voice mail with 97.5% accuracy


Cloud storage and programming interface

Phone Numbers

Business phone number purchase


Flexibility. 5 minutes to change the call scenario. 

Effectiveness. Regular customers replace items before the message is finished. 

Efficiency. Contact center agents spend their time on more difficult tasks. 

Order Correction Voice Reminder

golama is a fresh food delivery service from partner stores. Delivery in Moscow and the nearest Moscow region is carried out within 45 minutes, the courier arrives at the time specified by the client.

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