Phone Surveys: Robots vs. Live Operators

2020-06-02 11:01:39
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Companies conduct phone surveys both to identify market trends and improve the customer experience. In this case, voice bots are an appropriate option since their implementation takes less time and frees up operators for more complex tasks. In terms of scalability, voice bots are also more cost-efficient than hiring more human operators to accommodate increasing call volumes.

Before we discuss the advantages that voice bots have over live operators, we should ask ourselves why businesses conduct phone surveys?

There are several reasons why most businesses prefer phone surveys to other methods of gathering feedback:

  • Speed: Data can be collected quickly since a phone survey doesn’t take much time to answer, and the questionnaire is completed automatically. Voice bots recognize speech, convert it into text, and complete the required fields. Processing only one question just takes a few seconds
  • Cost efficiency: Conversion rates of phone surveys are higher than web surveys or mailing lists since the latter is easier for customers to ignore. In addition, it’s more convenient for customers to provide their answers in an oral format rather than write them down
  • Individualized approach: Thanks to the integration of voice bots into CRM systems, a robot can use data to call a customer by name or gauge his/her satisfaction with the last purchase made. Such an approach benefits your business because it shows you care about the customer and want them to participate
  • Additional contact with a customer: The survey gives businesses a chance to have additional interaction with the customer - either to make an offer on an existing purchase or remind them about products similar to their last purchase. Usually, such calls are not annoying, especially if customers are offered a discount for taking the survey

Advantages of Robots with Phone Surveys

Historically, phone surveys were processed by call center operators. They followed a list to call customers and read questions from a script It is a boring and very tedious job to conduct these calls and manually record the answers to these surveys for several hours a day, multiple days a week.

Voice bots can handle surveys more quickly and efficiently than humans and allow live operators to focus on more complex issues that require human-to-human communication. Thus, the advantages of voice bots are as follows:

  • Voice bots never make mistakes, strictly follow a scenario, always get answers to questions, never get tired or switch a conversation topic
  • Voice bots can perform multiple calls simultaneously and survey several customers at once while an employee cannot communicate with more than one customer at a time
  • Calling the customer base is about three times cheaper using a voice bot than by having a live operator call each customer
    Customers feel like they can be honest with a robot whereas there might be some discomfort expressing their dissatisfaction to a live operator

Phone Survey Processing

Voice bots make the process of gathering feedback convenient and efficient since they can integrate responses into a company’s CRM system as well as can synthesize and recognize speech.

Phone survey results are automatically processed and uploaded into a database whilst an operator would have to add data manually. This is an additional advantage of voice bots over employees. Thanks to robots, marketing and sales teams can get results in a convenient format, by dividing the audience, for instance, into those who criticize and those who are satisfied with the company's performance.


To summarize,  robots are essential assistants for conducting phone surveys because they are faster, more accurate, more efficient, and cheaper than call center staff that are better equipped to deal with more complex tasks. 

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