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2019-09-23 13:42:43
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China implemented several restrictions for incoming international calls as a part of regulations on communications and strict spam monitoring. These restrictions are not platform-specific; instead, they are applied to all international calls placed to China. As Chinese spam monitoring operates independently from our platform, we don't have control over this process, but we are going to reveal some recommendations on how to dramatically increase the possibility of reaching out to your customers in China. 

  1. A "three-minute" rule. Calls which duration is under 3 minutes are at high chance of being blocked, so make sure the average call duration is longer than 180 seconds.
  2. The "cold" calls, e.g. without your callees' consent, will be blocked. 
  3. Frequent calls to one person made from the same number are not permitted as well.
  4. Your callerID should be an international phone number, not a Chinese one.
  5. Finally, your callerID should be a valid and legitimate phone number.

Remember that violating these rules will lead to blocking without prior notice. However, if your calls meet the following recommendations, you can contact our support to discuss the possibility of sending voice traffic to China.

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