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2020-04-07 11:50:24
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AI-powered, adaptable, and effortless contact center software by Voximplant optimizes traditional conversation flows. Bridge together all interactions: phone, chat, text message, email, social media, and other communication channels. Provide intuitive customer care from the first greeting.

The commercial use of Artificial Intelligence is taking off. Using advances in data science, AI accelerates data analysis, and handles the bulk of the work for your employees. In recent years, it progressed from basic IVRs to seamless NLP-enabled agents handling tasks of great complexities. And now is the time to bring your service to the same level.


How AI is Transforming the Quality of Contact Centers

There are two fundamental changes in the way your contact center will operate:

  • The first one is shifting to the cloud. After cutting ties with inflexible and proprietary legacy systems, businesses are equipped with much more powerful, multifunctional cloud-based platforms.
  • The other big change is employing AI capabilities for data-driven data-driven customer service and human-like interactions.
    Contact centers are a very rich source of characterized information. The challenge is in extracting valuable insights from records of past interactions to full recordings. To process such large quantities of data, companies need an automated digital solution. Plus, modern speech recognition technologies weave deep learning skills with NLP to better good use of your data.


AI can improve numerous parts of contact center operations:

  • Virtual agents – Taking over some of the IVR capabilities and tasks executed by level-1 agents;
  • Agent assistance – Providing real-time guidance for operators to help them determine the next best action;
  • Business insight – Converting call recordings and other call center data into valuable insights;
  • Agent routing – Routing customers through to the right agents;
  • Quality, compliance, and assurance – Evaluating engagements and offering suggestions for improvement.


Contact Center AI Can Do a Lot for Your Business

An AI-powered contact center shows promise for businesses and customers in the following ways:

  • Enhancing customer convenience – Smarter, more effective customer service certainly leads to a better overall experience.
  • Offering self-service options – It gives a caller a chance to solve their issue independently from human agents. In many cases, it takes less time and effort to end up with a satisfying result.
  • Improving agent productivity – Operators are provided with a system for seamless, unified conversations across all channels. This results in better efficiency and better quality.
  • Ensuring seamless human-machine collaboration – Customer interactions are filled with actionable data automatically processed by AI. The system hands off full context to an agent and they follow it up with informed decisions.
  • Assisting agents and supervisors – The new contact center solution provides company-approved replies and templates and keeps all records for subsequent quality analysis.


Best Practices for AI- and Data-Driven Call Centers

The point of using contact center AI is to assist your team – not replace it. By definition, this technology introduces a smart approach to your conversations. Interestingly, your callers will notice the difference in customer care quality, but the transition will be absolutely discreet for them.

For example, a person contacts you to make a complaint. As soon as they place a call, the AI agent will pick it up and offer several options for resolving the issue. If none of them seem suitable, the call is transferred to a human agent.

In a short time of the call being passed, the operator is already presented with full context. The software will collect all relevant information to the caller and their query and analyze it. This gives the agent a heads-up of why the customer made a call and what resolutions are possible. Thus, the AI system lays the foundation for how the team can build meaningful interactions with your customers. Try now for free



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