Remote Meetings You Control

Build for your own unique feature and security requirements

Why Build your Own Remote Meeting Solution?

Remote meeting services often come with privacy concerns, security risks, and high subscription rates that need to be paid no matter how much the service is used. Instead of being trapped by a generic offer, you can design and control meetings solution that is built to match your specific user needs and network requirements.

Full Control

Define who and how users can access your services, what features are available, and precisely manage costs

Leverage existing applications

Embed remote meetings inside an existing application or website, making it easier for users to access and administrators to control

Industry proven security

Avoid proprietary VoIP stacks with WebRTC - open, standards-based technology used by billions and widely audited

User interface flexibility

Choose what platforms users are expose to - Web, Android, iOS, or others enabled via widely used technologies like React

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Voximplant Features

Video conferencing

Connect users peer-to-peer or in a bridge from 2 to 100 participants using any combination of audio and video

Screen sharing

Show others on your desktop or application screen

Connect by phone or SIP

Call in and out and bridge any kind of call into the conference, including SIP to or from existing infrastructure

Messaging by IP & SMSs

Send messages between users and groups over IP and send SMS alerts

Live Streaming

Broadcast to millions through channels like YouTube in webinars, town hall meetings, and other formats

Video recording

Record one or many streams in HD quality and control meeting recordings