HD Video Conferencing

High definition video conferencing
for remote business meetings
powered by WebRTC

Video Conferencing

Voximplant allows for multiple video streams to be communicated between each endpoint, and developers can control how they are displayed using both cloud-side and client-side JavaScript. Video call capabilities can be added to web pages and mobile apps, while Voximplant cloud can mix them with voice-only PSTN calls, record audio/video streams with HD audio support, and much more.

Participating in a video conferencing session is no longer a luxury. It is a powerful tool in everyday business operations that doesn’t require much expertise or expensive equipment. With the help of our solution, you can install conferencing software even on your phone as well as hold large-scale meetings on your computer. Basic hardware and stable Internet connection are all you need.

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Conferencing Software

Here is why you should embrace the business-minded benefits of video:

  • Reduces travel costs

    Most tasks that require in-person communication can be accomplished through a video call: from evaluating candidates for an open position to decision-making upper-management meetings. Help all those people save time and money.

  • Promotes increased attendance

    Conferencing engages employees and contractors that would otherwise be excluded from a meeting. Everyone can participate, teams from overseas offices, remote workforce, people on business trips, etc.

  • Leads to enhanced productivity

    Without unnecessary travel and excessive small talk, workers stay focused on the agenda. Conferencing software also enables screen sharing, meeting recording, live chat, etc. All these additional tools help you get the job done quickly.

  • Connects employees

    Bringing remote workers face-to-face with each other and in-office staff nurtures a more personal corporate environment. Video conferencing keeps dispersed employees united and aligned.

  • Provides instant connectivity

    Rather than waiting for all attendees to arrive, hold a meeting whenever you want. If you force workers to carve out several hours to attend a meeting, it might interfere with their work. But online conferencing can be organized on short notice without negatively affecting the work.

  • Encourages mobility

    Team members are no longer tied to their computers or desks. Some projects specifically require them to be mobile. With our video call solution, you can leverage their existing mobile infrastructure to stay connected at all times.

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