Developers at Yep! chose the VoxImplant platform and Mobile SDK to provide voice and video support. They used the Mobile SDK and HTTP API to build integration. VoxImplant fulfills all the functionalities the app required using wi-fi and 3G data capabilities to deliver high-quality voice and video. The VoxImplant Mobile SDK allows users to make calls via data channels to facilitate fast and easy meeting arrangements and location details.


“VoxImplant uses all-new, exciting, cutting-edge technologies like WebRTC, the VoxImplant platform and mobile SDK offered all the required functionality and ease of use we were looking for. The voice quality is great, even when using 3G data connections.”

Roman Sidorenko, CEO of Yep!

About Yep! Yep! is a modern solution to making friendships with a digital twist, quickly and easily, in real time. Here’s how it works: choose an activity, make a request, and our app finds people nearby. If you both agree, a text and in-app calls becomes available to arrange a meeting. app store link