On March 18-21, Voximplant will present its solutions at one of the largest Conferences on Communications Enterprise Connect 2019, Orlando. At the event, the organizers will name the best IT-products in four categories:

  • Best Application of Artificial Intelligence,
  • Best Innovation for Collaboration,
  • Best Upgrade to an Existing Product,
  • Best Communications/Collaboration Device.

We are proud to announce that Voximplant is nominated for the Best Application of Artificial Intelligence Award. We have entered the shortlist with the Dialogflow Connector, our solution for quickly and easily integrating telephony with Dialogflow, a tool from Google for building voice and text-based conversational interfaces powered by AI.

«We’re pleased that the jury appreciated our technologies and chose Dialogflow Connector as award nominee», said Alexey Aylarov, CEO, Voximplant. «We’re also excited to work with the Google Cloud team to deliver cutting-edge technologies for communication app developers all around the world. Our goal is to simplify access to innovations in cloud communications, and ensure that robust communication app development is as quick, easy, and fruitful as possible.»

The results will be announced on March 19 at No Jitter website, the official media of the conference.