Voximplant’s Voice SDK helps you provide a high-quality voice calling experience for your staff and customers. Make these interactions more engaging      with excellent      audio quality, increased operator efficiency, and contextual calling.
Access all functionality in one place – directly on your app – with no additional hardware. It works seamlessly whether you are calling another app user (VoIP)      or your contact center. One of the few requirements on your part is having a stable Internet connection.

Voice SDK Advantages and Applicability

After embedding Voice SDK into your existing applications, you will gain access to a range of features unavailable through traditional calling.
For instance, rather than having your callers go through a tedious process of keying in different prompts to reach the right department, quickly connect them with the right person immediately by applying information about the caller through your application’s interface to determine their needs.
If you’re wondering about specific programmability features that Voximplant’s infrastructure provides, below is what sets Voice SDK apart:

  • Users can choose between multiple communication formats. As long as it’s compatible with the user’s device, they can pick whichever one they prefer. 
  • Take advantage of Voice SDK’s flexibility across all digital touchpoints. Engage with your customers and other users via browsers, mobile apps, voice assistants, and social networks.
  • This technology also supports user privacy. Connect calls using VoIP to mask personal numbers.
  • The integration process is very straightforward. You can add inbound and outbound voice functionality within minutes and it will work smoothly.
  • Voice SDKs offer more options than regular voice calls. The building blocks enable you to create end-to-end experiences – conferencing, call transferring and queueing, call recording, playback of automated messages, and payment collection.

Answering all Kinds of Needs

The customizable nature of Voice SDK opens up endless opportunities for implementation. It’s compatible with mobile and web applications and adapts to your business purpose. You can integrate voice calling functionality for every kind of chat:

  • Marketing campaigns: reach your customers around the world on any channel. Also, use data-driven communication at any stage of the marketing funnel – from awareness to conversion.
  • Marketplaces: buyers and sellers are easily connected which makes it convenient for both parties and boosts transactions.
  • On-demand services: users can get in touch with all kinds of service providers, including drivers, couriers, handymen, and others.
  • Banking and insurance: our voice chat module also allows banks and insurance companies to connect with customers in real time while maintaining access to their transaction history, past issues, and other relevant data.
  • Ed-tech: students, parents, teachers, and administrators can have convenient access to school-related information and content. Bear in mind that we’ve merely scratched the surface of what kind of personal and business communications can be improved with voice.

Simple Steps to Employ Voice SDK

Here is what you need to do to start using Voximplant’s SDKs:
1. Сheck the compatibility of our latest SDK with your app and install it;
2. Connect to the cloud and log in with your Voximplant user credentials and the necessary configurations. Make sure to use a platform-specific way to execute your code.
3. Build the experience you need. You can add specific features or create your own extensions with additional built-in platform functions, third-party SDKs, and APIs.

Catching Up to Your Needs

We scale and improve along with you. If you want to employ certain functionalities and leave other ones for later, it’s up to you. Alternatively, you can choose to start out with a simple web application and then move on to other applications. Our cross-platform Voice SDK makes it possible.
Voximplant endeavors to help developers shorten implementation time and minimize inconsistencies between platforms. Our team is always working on building smart, robust features to improve your communications even further. Try now!