Take-aways from Google Cloud Next '19

2019-04-18 11:58:50
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Our team visited one of the top global events hosted by Google – Cloud Next in San Francisco. Next is a platform, where thousands of cloud enthusiasts from large companies to small business have an opportunity to discuss the future of cloud technology and showcase their success stories.

In terms of figures, during the 3 days of the show: 30000+ attendees visited 500+ sessions led by 1000 speakers.

We consider 3 key take-aways from the latest Cloud Next event:

  • Google is elevating its accounting teams, making cloud products usage more friendly for the adopters. As technologies and solutions becoming more and more complex, client-focused and strengthed support team provides better user experience;
  • Google rapidly improving its Hybrid Cloud solution for the enterprises with developed infrasrtucture, that could be adopted completely or partially and easily managed / scaled inside Google Cloud. Company announced its Anthos solution – a service platform for hybrid applications management across environments;
  • Hangouts is widely used for conducting meetings and videoconfs within G Suite toolbox. The adoption rate is conesqutevly increasing globally;

How Hangouts used inside Google (photo by Eddie Clifton)

Please stay tuned and check for the updates. We're anouncing our event visits here, and this is the most cionevnient way to set up a meeting on site. 

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