How to boost your online shop conversion rates with voice bot

2020-05-18 11:03:22
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Each online shop is willing to increase its conversions. How to achieve this? A shop may have well-organized business processes, from engaging advertising content to the large coverage of well-tuned targeting ads. But all this is worth nothing if a customer doesn't make the purchase.

Conversion of interest in your product

The first step to the sales funnel is an initial customer’s interest and familiarity with the needed product. This stage includes execution customer’s actions such as ‘add to cart’, ‘enter personal data’, and ‘place an order’. There are hot leads, customers ready to buy your product once found on a website. But we wouldn’t consider them since they will make a purchase without any additional treatment. 

The most important leads for business become warm leads, customers who are interested in purchase but still can refuse at any time. What should we do with them?

Step 1: Prompt voice bot consultation

Some customers interested in buying may have questions about product size, shape or quality. However, they may not see relevant data on the website. The best way in such cases is to provide verbal advice as an alternative method of getting product information. 

Voice bots handle such tasks easily. With an online shop’s database, a voice bot can easily respond to questions about the product. If there's not enough data, a robot will transfer the conversation to an operator and provide a conversation transcription. Instant consultation can help to induce a customer to buy. Robots strictly follow the scripts, can respond to an unlimited number of inbound calls, never get tired or make mistakes.

Step 2: Collecting data for calls

There is one simple rule: the easier it is to place an order, the higher the conversion rate. A voice bot can easily collect the customer’s personal data needed to place an order. After receiving an order request, a voice bot will contact a customer to gather all the necessary data. Thanks to the speech recognition technology, a robot will transcript the customer’s speech and then place it into the database.

To make a buying process even easier, you can set up 1-click ordering that requires only a phone number. A voice bot will do the rest. This approach works since a customer has no time to doubt the purchase. It’s much easier to consult by phone than to fill out a form on your own. Therefore, conversion rates grow.

Step 3: Processing interrupted orders

There are lots of cases when a customer changed his mind, got distracted, or forgot to fill his personal data during the ordering. Reasons can vary but the truth is that the purchase failed. A customer stepped into your sales funnel but jumped back out. Is it forever?

Prompt reaction on interrupted order helps to bring some customers back. You can manage a robot to call immediately after closing a website or 20 minutes after the last activity. At this step, it's important that the voice bot provides a clear purpose of the call. 

For instance, a robot can say: ‘Good afternoon! It's Voxberry online store. You started placing an order but didn't finish. How can we help you? Can we offer an alternative?’. A voice bot will use a shop’s database to consult or suggest a customer an alternative. 

Conversion of completed orders

The sale will take place only when the money is received. Thus, it’s crucial to create favourable conditions for payment.

Step 1: Quick order confirmation

Nobody likes to wait too long. That’s why you should process customer’s requests and confirm orders as soon as possible. An operator spends several minutes to call back a customer after receiving a request. If there are lots of requests, it may be even more time-consuming. In turn, voice bots process multiple requests and confirm orders immediately. 

Step 2: Payment reminder

Once a request has been processed, an online shop sends an invoice to pay. Some customers may forget to pay. To avoid such situations, you should remind customers about payment within 24 hours after order confirmation. A voice bot automatically tracks order status. If the payment wasn't received, a robot calls the client and specifies the reason. 

Step 3: Service quality control

Gathering feedback on service usability is also an important step. If you know what customers are not satisfied with, it can be corrected and improved, thereby increasing brand loyalty and conversions. If a customer has already had a successful shopping experience in your online store, he is more willing to order again.


Voice bots allow you to immediately react to the customer's journey through the sales funnel. By integrating such a bot into your business, you have a chance to increase the conversion rate at the lowest cost, which is exactly what the business seeks.

If you still have any questions or doubts, we are ready to help!



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