Unified Communications

Seamlessly connect multiple business communication channels

Enhance communication efficiency

Build customized unified communications that enables seamless employee interactions across channels.

Communication channel flexibility

Choose from voice, video, SMS, and third-party messaging channels like WhatsApp

Integrate with existing applications

Uses HTTP APIs to integrate communications into existing application workflows

Reach across platforms - desktop & mobile

Roll out communications wherever your users are and whatever platform they run on - Web, Android, iOS, or others enabled via widely used technologies like React

Easy maintenance from a serverless cloud

Improve and maintain quickly without servers and software to manage

Create Efficient Communication Flows

Enhance communication efficiency by building customized unified communications that allow employee interactions to seamlessly flow across channels. The Voximplant communication platform provides all the APIs and capabilities needed for a complete solution, including:

Voice calling

VoIP and phone network dialing to/from over 60 countries

Video calling

HD quality video communications with SIP and/or WebRTC

Audio and video conferencing

Connect teams and customers to multi-party calls

Unified Messaging

Link text messaging across multiple platforms


Managed updates on user status, such as available, busy, or away


Capture and control one or multiple independent streams during recorded meetings


Show others your desktop or application screen


Works across SIP-based IP phones, mobile & web