Cloud Call Center

Pet-Doctor cloud call center runs a knowledge base of vet services in Moscow. Voice integration allows agents to find a proper vet in 2 minutes. After a visit to the doctor, Pet-Doctor agents collect feedback from clients and compile a public rating of vet clinics. Voximplant Platform records all the calls to support Pet-Doctor if there are any questions.

We thoroughly researched a contact center provider as we needed both SIP and WebRTC support. And though we have launched our in-house video consultations, Voximplant is still a reliable fallback option. 

Our call center has been run by Voximplant since the very beginning. Now we understand it was the right choice. The Voximplant team is always willing to help and solve any of our technical issues.

Alexandra Gerasimova
Co-founder and CEO, Pet-Doctor

Como isso funciona


Interactive Voice Response


Script integration with any application

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance


Tools for rapid application development


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers


Speech recognition and natural language processing


Cloud storage and programming interface


Control. Control over calls with the help of call recording. 

Flexibility. Call center connection via SIP.

Analytics. Telephony integration with analytical service.



Cloud Call Center

Pet-Doctor is a service for search and selection of vets and vet clinics in Moscow and the Moscow region. It allows owners of domestic and exotic pets to quickly find proper clinics or specialists and request a house call.

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