Static and dynamic call tracking

K50 unites 6 services for PPC advertising. One of them is a call analytics service, K50: Tracker. It was developed with the help of Voximplant. The service helps to find a source of a lead and show the telephone number used in the ad. Both static and dynamic call tracking are available. To start tracking calls, a client need only paste a code on the website.

All of our services help to control advertising campaigns. The main problem was lack of data. We decided to create K50: Tracker to collect data for our clients who have 30% of all inbound requests by phone. 

With time our tracker grew into a self-sufficient product. Our clients can easily find sources of most leads and receive call details: duration, record, key word, and a chain of visits leading to the call. We used another PBX for Tracker, but it cost a lot. As Voximplant Platform has its own infrastructure, we could easily shift to it. 

Vladimir Kovtun
Product Manager, K50

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Script integration with any application


Interactive Voice Response

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance

Phone Numbers

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Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers


Cloud storage and programming interface


Control. K50: Tracker identifies each call’s source.

Convenience. Voicebot can announce collected information to a manager.

Effectiveness. A K50 client gets all information about a user in a single window.

Static and dynamic call tracking

The K50 platform is a complex of business tools to increase advertising effectiveness within given KPI parameters. It includes 6 services: Statistics, Tracker, Generator, Rules, Optimizator, and BI.

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