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Automated Reminders for Delivery Service

Pony Express customers can receive a parcel from abroad only after they provide their passport details to the Federal Customs Service. Pony Express reminds customers of this to ensure that the delivery is made as quickly as possible. Reminders are sent first by SMS and a day later by the Voximplant robot.

In line with customs requirements, the client must provide passport data to receive a parcel from abroad. Customers are requested to confirm this option as soon as possible: the faster they confirm, the faster we can complete the documents and deliver the parcel. 

Approximately 20% of customers fill out the declaration right after they receive a text message. But it is the call that encourages most customers to confirm. By the end of the second day, 95% of clients complete their declarations. Previously, operators called customers, but we wanted to optimize costs. Automated dialing is four times cheaper than the manual work of an operator. 

Alisa Ataeva
Head of Control Situations, Pony Express

Como isso funciona


Script integration with any application


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers

Voicemail Detection

Detection of voice mail with 97.5% accuracy

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance


Cloud storage and programming interface


Reliability. Automation has been in place since July 2016.

Convenience. Call results are displayed immediately in Pony Express’s ERP.

Savings. Automation cuts contact center costs.

Automated Reminders for Delivery Service

Pony Express is the largest universal logistics operator in the CIS. The company offers a full range of services for express delivery, warehousing, cargo transportation, as well as comprehensive logistics solutions for various business sectors.

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