Phone numbers for IP PABX

Integration with Voximplant phone numbers allowed clients to work with IP PABX right after the registration without wasting time on account verification by an agent.

It’s crucial for us to solve clients’ problems quickly and avoid any interruptions in their business communications. The Voximplant team always quickly responds to our requests and helps to solve any problems. Due to such full cooperation we have maintained our good reputation and provide our clients with high-level services.

Igor Ardashov
Product Director, onlinePBX

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Script integration with any application

Phone Numbers

Business phone number purchase


Cloud storage and programming interface


Speed. Sample numbers allow clients to use the service right after registration.

Convenience. With Voximplant numbers, the service can provide communication services without needing an agent.

Security. By purchasing a Voximplant number, a user stays an onlinePBX customer without switching to another IP PABX. 



Phone numbers for IP PABX

onlinePBX is a virtual PABX for business. OnlinePBX services are used by marketing agencies, web studios and software developers, online stores, construction companies, realtors, equipment suppliers, service centers.

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