Masking Personal Data for a Grocery Delivery Service

The top objectives for the grocery delivery service are to ensure fast delivery and protect customer and courier privacy. Communicating through the Voximplant platform accomplishes two objectives: to conceal users' actual phone numbers, and to provide support if issues come up.

Direct interaction with customers was initially not feasible for us. With Voximplant we were able to quickly and competently integrate the desired functionality into our application to monitor communication from a customer security perspective. One thing to note is that a direct call between a courier and a customer is a much faster way to communicate than through a contact center. So the Voximplant solution not only protects our customers and employees, but also significantly speeds up delivery and order processing.


Protect confidential customer and courier data

It's important for the product delivery service to let couriers contact users for a whole range of reasons: A customer might forget about a delivery and not open a door, not answer their intercom, or not be at the specified address at all. But providing contact information doesn't have to threaten customer security.

Also, order processing and delivery get slower when couriers contact customers through a call center.


Hiding personal data during calls

Voximplant's integrated solution, number masking, helped minimize couriers' unsolicited contact with customers after order fulfillment.


A courier wanting to contact a customer just calls from the application. After the platform receives a request to initiate a call, it gets the real number from a database and makes a call. The courier sees only a temporary customer number in the application. The customer doesn't see the courier's real phone number either. The platform records calls for quality control and data analysis.


When customers can't take the call, they can call the courier back. If this happens within 15 minutes of the courier's last call attempt, the platform connects them. If it's more than 15 minutes, the customer reaches the call center.


It's important to note that this communication goes through the local telephone network where the courier and customer are located. This solution helps save costs, and customer stress. Customers are more likely to pick up when the call is coming from a local number.

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Safe and effective communication between customers and couriers

Number masking allows the product delivery service to provide a secure service both for its customers and its couriers. In addition, the solution increased successful call conversion to 90%, and also helped reduce transfers to the call center by up to 70%.

Also, phone number masking helped consolidate communication channels, and the statistics that were collected helped track couriers' performance.

Masking Personal Data for a Grocery Delivery Service

Product home-delivery service in the United States. The service built a network of small warehouses (darkstores) in the US, from which couriers deliver orders within a 0.9-mile radius by bike in less than 15 minutes. A customer doesn't pay for delivery, and there is no minimum order.

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