The GetTransactionHistory function result item.


account_id: string

The account ID.

amount: number

The transaction amount, $.

currency: string

The amount currency (USD, RUR, EUR, ...).

payment_reference: string

The external payment reference. See the TransferMoneyToChildAccount function.

performed_at: string

The transaction date in the selected timezone in 24-h format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss

transaction_description: string

The transaction description.

transaction_id: number

The transaction ID.

transaction_type: string

The transaction type. The following values are possible: periodic_charge, resource_charge, money_distribution, subscription_charge, subscription_installation_charge, card_periodic_payment, card_overrun_payment, card_payment, robokassa_payment, gift, add_money, subscription_cancel, adjustment, wire_transfer, refund.