Detailing SIP registration


application_id: number

The bound domain ID.

application_name: string

The bound application name.

auth_user: string

The SIP authentications user

deactivated: boolean

The subscription deactivation flag. The SIP registration is frozen if true.

error_message: number

The error message from SIP registration.

is_persistent: boolean

Is SIP registration persistent or on the user logon?

last_updated: number

The last time updated.

next_subscription_renewal: string

The next subscription renewal date in format: YYYY-MM-DD

outbound_proxy: number

The outbound proxy.

proxy: number

The sip proxy.

purchase_date: string

The purchase date in 24-h format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss

rule_id: number

The bound rule ID.

rule_name: string

The bound rule name.

sip_registration_id: number

The SIP registration ID.

sip_username: string

The user name from sip proxy.

status_code: number

The status code from SIP registration.

subscription_price: string

The periodic subscription price.

successful: number

The successful SIP registration.

user_id: number

The bound user ID.

user_name: string

The bound user name.