The GetPhoneNumberRegions function result.


is_need_regulation_address: boolean

The flag of the need proof of address.

is_sms_supported: boolean

If true, SMS is supported for phone numbers in this region. SMS needs to be explicitly enabled for a phone number via the /ControlSms HTTP API before sending or receiving SMS. If SMS is supported and enabled, SMS can be sent from a phone number using the /SendSmsMessage HTTP API and received using the InboundSmsCallback property of the HTTP callback. See this article for HTTP callback details.

multiple_numbers_price: [MultipleNumbersPrice]

Array with info about multiple numbers subscription for the child accounts.

phone_count: number

The phone number count in stock for the region.

phone_installation_price: number

The phone installation price (without the first periodic price).

phone_period: string

The charge period in 24-h format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss

phone_price: number

The phone periodic price.

phone_region_code: string

The region phone prefix.

phone_region_id: number

The region ID.

phone_region_name: string

The full region name.

regulation_address_type: string

The type of regulation address. Available values: LOCAL, NATIONAL, WORLDWIDE.

required_verification: string

The required account verification name.

verification_status: string

The account verification status. The following values are possible: REQUIRED, IN_PROGRESS, VERIFIED