The GetCallHistory function result item.


account_id: number

The account ID.

application_id: number

The application ID.

call_session_history_id: number

The call session history ID.

calls: [CallInfoType]

The binding calls.

custom_data: string

The custom data.

duration: number

The session duration in seconds.

finish_reason: string

The finish reason

initiator_address: string

The initiator IP address.

log_file_url: string

The session log URL.

media_server_address: string

The media server IP address.

other_resource_usage: [ResourceUsageType]

The used resorces.

records: [RecordType]

The binding records.

start_date: string

The start date in the selected timezone in 24-h format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss

user_id: number

The user ID.