Detailing job telephone calls


attmepts_left: number

Number of remaining attempts.

custom_data: string

Data for transmission to the script

finish_execution_time: string

Time after which the task can not be performed in 24-h format: HH:mm:ss

last_attempt: string

Date and time of the last attempt to perform a task.

list_id: number

The list ID.

result_data: string

Results of the task, if it was granted, or information about the runtime error.

start_execution_time: string

Time with which to start the job in 24-h format: HH:mm:ss

status: string

The status name. Available values: New (status_id = 0), In progress (status_id = 1), Processed (status_id = 2), Error (status_id = 3), Cancelled (status_id = 4).

status_id: number

The status ID. Available values: 0 (status = New), 1 (status = In progress), 2 (status = Processed), 3 (status = Error), 4 (status = Cancelled).