The GetPhoneNumbers function result item.


application_id: number

The bound application ID.

application_name: string

The bound application name.

auto_charge: boolean

The auto_charge flag.

can_be_used: boolean

Can the unverified account use the phone?

canceled: boolean

The flag of the deleted subscription.

category_name: string

The phone category name (MOBILE, GEOGRAPHIC, TOLLFREE, MOSCOW495)

deactivated: boolean

The flag of the frozen subscription.

is_sms_enabled: boolean

If true, SMS sending and receiving is enabled for this phone number via the /ControlSms HTTP API.

is_sms_supported: boolean

If true, SMS is supported for this phone number. SMS needs to be explicitly enabled via the /ControlSms HTTP API before sending or receiving SMS. If SMS is supported and enabled, SMS can be sent from this phone number using the /SendSmsMessage HTTP API and received using the InboundSmsCallback property of the HTTP callback. See this article for HTTP callback details.

phone_country_code: string

The phone country code (2 symbols).

phone_id: number

The phone ID.

phone_next_renewal: string

The next renewal date in format: YYYY-MM-DD

phone_number: string

The phone number.

phone_price: number

The periodic phone price.

phone_purchase_date: string

The purchase date in 24-h format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss

required_verification: string

The required account verification name.

rule_id: number

The bound rule ID.

rule_name: string

The bound rule name.

unverified_hold_until: string

Unverified phone hold until the date in format: YYYY-MM-DD (if the account verification is required). The number will be detached on that day automatically!

verification_status: string

The account verification status. The following values are possible: REQUIRED, IN_PROGRESS, VERIFIED