The GetAccountInfo function result.


access_entries: [String]

The allowed access entries (the API function names).

account_custom_data: string

The custom data.

account_email: string

The account's email.

account_first_name: string

The first name.

account_id: number

The account's ID.

account_last_name: string

The last name.

account_name: string

The account's name.

account_notifications: boolean

Are the VoxImplant notifications required?

active: boolean

The account activation flag.

api_key: string

The account API key. Use password or api_key authentication to show the api_key.

balance: number

The account's money.

billing_address_address: string

The office address.

billing_address_country_code: string

The billing address country code (2 symbols, ISO 3166-1 alpha-2). Examples: US, RU, GB

billing_address_name: string

The company or businessman name.

billing_address_phone: string

The office phone number.

billing_address_zip: string

The office ZIP.

callback_salt: string

If salt string is specified, each HTTP request made by the Voximplant cloud toward the callback_url will have a salt field set to MD5 hash of account information and salt. That hash can be used be a developer to ensure that HTTP request is made by the Voximplant cloud

callback_url: string

If URL is specified, Voximplant cloud will make HTTP POST requests to it when something happens. For a full list of reasons see the type field of the AccountCallback structure. The HTTP request will have a JSON-encoded body that conforms to the lAccountCallbacks structure

created: string

The UTC account created time in 24-h format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss

credit_limit: number

The account's credit limit.

currency: string

The currency code (USD, RUR, EUR, ...).

frozen: boolean

Is account blocked by VoxImplant admins or not.

language_code: string

The notification language code (2 symbols, ISO639-1). Examples: en, ru

location: string

The account location (timezone). Examples: America/Los_Angeles, GMT-08:00

min_balance_to_notify: number

The min balance value to notify by email or SMS.

news_notifications: boolean

Are the VoxImplant news notifications required?

next_charge: string

The next charge date, format: YYYY-MM-DD

periodic_charge: string

The tariff interval, format: YYYY-MM-DD 00:00:00

send_js_error: boolean

Is email sending on a JS error?

support_bank_card: boolean

Is the bank card payments allowed?

support_invoice: boolean

Is the bank invoice allowed?

support_robokassa: boolean

Is the robokassa payment system allowed?

tariff_changing_notifications: boolean

Are the VoxImplant tariff changing notifications required?

tariff_id: number

The account's tariff ID.

tariff_name: string

The account's tariff name.

with_access_entries: boolean

Set true to get the admin user permissions.