HTTP response


Number code

Response code. HTTP code (2xx-5xx) or one of our internal status codes:

0Voxengine limits were violated (e.g. HTTP request count exceeded)
-1Unknown error
-2Malformed URL
-3Host not found
-4Connection error
-5Too many redirects
-6Network error
-8Internal error

Object data

If Net.HttpRequestOptions.rawOutput is true, the data will contain a list of 1-byte numbers corresponding to HTTP response data. If Net.HttpRequestOptions.rawOutput is false, the data will be undefined.

String error

In case of an error contains the error description

Array headers

List of dictionaries with key and value fields representing HTTP headers returned by the remote server

String raw_headers

HTTP headers string returned by the remote server, without processing

String text

HTTP response body if Content-Type is not binary