Advanced HTTP request options


Array headers

Additional Request headers. For example:

"Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8", "X-some-key: 123"
It is recommended to begin custom header names with the 'X-' prefix.

String method

HTTP request method name as a string: 'GET', 'POST' etc. It is 'GET' by default.

Object params

Optional request parameters. They can be specified in URL itself as well

String postData

If 'method' is set to 'POST', 'PUT' or 'PATCH', specifies a raw utf-8 encoded data string that will be sent as the HTTP request body

Boolean rawOutput

If it's true, will contain a list of 1-byte numbers corresponding to HTTP response data. If it's false, will be undefined.

Number timeout

If set, overrides default HTTP request timeout, in seconds, which is 90 seconds by default. Timeout can only be decreased