Contains a speech recognition result corresponding to a portion of the audio that is currently being processed or an indication that this is the end of the single requested utterance.



confidence: Number

The Speech confidence between 0.0 and 1.0 for the current portion of audio. A higher number indicates an estimated greater likelihood that the recognized words are correct. The default of 0.0 is a sentinel value indicating that confidence was not set.
This field is typically only provided if is_final is true and you should not rely on it being accurate or even set.


isFinal: Boolean

The default of 0.0 is a sentinel value indicating confidence was not set. If false, the StreamingRecognitionResult represents an interim result that may change. If true, the recognizer will not return any further hypotheses about this piece of the audio.


messageType: String

Type of the result message.


transcript: String

Optional. Transcript text representing the words that the user spoke.