ASR parameters


String|Array dict

ASR dictionary for recognition. ASRDictionary.* or array of words are the possible values. Note that dict does not limit the recognition to the specific list. Instead, words in the specified list will have a higher chance to be selected.

Boolean interimResults

Enables/disables interim ASR results. If it is "true", the ASREvents.InterimResult will be triggered many times according to the speech.

String lang

ASR language. ASRLanguage.* are the possible values

Boolean singleUtterance

Enables/disables single utterance. It is true by default, so the ASREvents.Result will be triggered after every utterance. If it is false, there are two cases: 1) if the speech is shorter than 60 sec ASREvents.Result will be triggered in unpredictable time. You could mute the mic when the speech is over - this will increase the probability of ASREvents.Result catching 2) if the speech is longer than 60 sec the ASREvents.Result will be triggered each 60 seconds