Verification & 2FA

Add an extra layer of protection for your users with two-factor authentication

It's a must-have for organizations that want iron‑clad security for their people and data.
Add an extra layer of protection for your users with two-factor authentication

Key Statistics

99% of bulk phishing attacks

are blocked by SMS-based 2FA (Google)

53% of Americans

surveyed in 2019 admitted to using 2FA (Duo)

2/3 of people

find security keys or push notifications convenient (

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One simple API for cost-effective verification and 2FA

The system initiates a phone call that plays an authentication code for the user. It can even send an SMS if the call can't be connected or the user can't hear the code playback.

This approach helps to increase the delivery rate, decrease costs and ensure efficient security.


Features & Capabilities

Add seamless two-factor authentication via multiple channels using our convenient and easy-to-use API. This is how you prevent fraud and enhance the security of your app users.

Multi-channel: Voice, SMS, Push

One/Single REST API

SMS delivery in 78 countries

High delivery rates

Over 250 voices for speech synthesis

Voice synthesis available in more than 40 languages

Serverless architecture that scales according to your business needs

Use cases



Send a welcome email that doubles as a 2FA step with a verification link. Clicking the link in this email helps with engagement and makes users safer.

Сustomer data security

Сustomer data security

Any changes in typical patterns can reveal a fake login attempt. The 2FA system examines login attempts and kicks in when something changes.

Signup and account creation

Signup and account creation

Verify the email or phone number used is valid. 2FA prevents criminals from creating accounts with fake identities.

Financial transactions

Financial transactions

Protect high-value transactions and purchases to reduce payments fraud. For instance, users can get a code via text or use two-way texting to approve a payment.

Recovery and managing account

Recovery and managing account

Validate password resets, device changes, user reactivation, and other account changes to boost retention. 2FA helps real users recover their accounts safely.

Protect sensitive data

Protect sensitive data

Use 2FA when users try to change or delete data. Safeguard your data by enabling permissions whenever someone asks to access sensitive information.


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