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What you get with Voximplant

Here you can find out what features you get with Voximplant.

Audio/video calls and conferences

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Mainly, our platform allows developers to integrate voice and video calls into your cloud, web, or mobile application. You can create conferences with up to 50 members, stream videos to any streaming platform, share your screen, and even record your call or conference and save it to Voximplant Cloud or an Amazon S3-compatible storage.

You can use the Voximplant platform for audio/video calls, or rent a phone number worldwide, including landline and toll-free numbers, and use them for your calls. You can also use SIP calls and even integrate your project to a 3rd-party PBX if you need to.

Integrate to a web or mobile application

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With Voximplant SDKs you can add your functionality to a Web application that runs on the most popular frameworks, like jQuery/Angular/Vue/React, or to a mobile application on iOS/Android, use Flutter and React Native frameworks and even add Voximplant functionality to your Unity games!

You can use multiple SDK features such as push notifications or integration to a native calling application.

Speech synthesis and recognition

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Do you want to create a robot with a realistic voice that is hard to tell from a human voice? Easy. You need to recognize human speech and transcribe it, or even create complex interactive voice menus? This is also easily done with Voximplant.

Call center and queues

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Create your own contact center and distribute incoming/outgoing calls and messages among your agents based on their skills, process multiple queues and get detailed reports on your own contact center with ease! And do not forget to add some intellectual IVRs to reduce the load on your staff.

Instant messaging and SMS

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With Voximplant, you can implement Instant Messaging between your users and even create chat rooms for up to 1000 members. More than that, if your users are limited by the technology, you can send one way/two way SMS.

Call lists and PDS

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If you need to call multiple recipients for some reason, you can upload a CSV table to Voximplant cloud with phone numbers, names, and any additional info you need during the phone call, and our cloud service will do the rest. We use the AI module to detect voicemail and use the Predictive Dialing System (PDS) to predict the moment when human agents are available to make the next call. This way, the system ensures maximum agent utilization, so it can bring the efficiency of a call center to a new level.

Key-value storage

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You can store unlimited key-value pairs in the database and use them in your scenario and project. Your keys can be up to 200 characters string, your values can be up to 2000 characters string. This simple database allows you to enable different functionality, such as hiding phone numbers and much more.

Management API

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You can perform all the operations you do in the Voximplant control panel remotely, without browser access. Just grant enough rights to your user and perform API requests to manage everything remotely.


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Voximplant easily integrates with 3rd-party solutions, such as Amazon Polly and S3, Google WaveNet, Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Yandex SpeechKit, Tinkoff VoiceKit, Microsoft Azure and more. You can use 3rd-party protocols such as SIP and WebSocket seamlessly.

Also, our platform can integrate with 3rd-party AI assistants, such as ChatGPT, Dasha AI, VoiceIT, Jitsi, and others. You can find examples of such integrations in the Guides section.


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WebSocket is an advanced standard for full-duplex (two-way) communication between two parties in real time, without extra HTTP requests. Due to the WebSocket module, VoxEngine can perform such interaction with 3rd party services like speech recognition, bots, and so on. With this module, you can create outgoing and accept incoming WebSocket connections and easily send data (text and audio) through them.

Network interaction

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VoxEngine allows developers to make HTTP requests right from the scenario. You can send a request in sync or async way, use the GET/POST/PUT/PATCH and other methods, and even send emails with HTTP requests.


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You can save up to 15000 character log messages in your project via the Logger.write method in your scenario. Later, you can see and use your logs in the control panel.