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Management API

Management API allows you to perform most operations you can do in the control panel by executing API requests.

To use management API, you need a service account. You can manage the permissions of each service account by assigning one or more roles to it. If a service account has no assigned roles, it has access to the basic Management API methods only.

What you can do with management API

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With management API you can do the following:

  • Create and edit Voximplant accounts, as well as child accounts

  • Create and edit service accounts (including managing their permissions)

  • Edit Voximplant applications, users, and rules

  • Start execution of existing Voximplant scenarios

  • Exchange data with active Voximplant sessions

  • Purchase numbers, activate them, and bind them to applications

  • Check if numbers support SMS; if so, enable receiving and sending SMS

  • Manage SIP registrations

  • Check call history or download it as CSV

  • Start scenarios and conferences

  • Control active Voximplant sessions

  • Calls automatization

To learn more about management API, see the API Reference.

How to create a service account

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To create a service account, go to the Voximplant control panel, choose Settings from the main menu, then choose Service accounts from the side menu:

Service accounts in the menu

Then click Add in the upper right corner:

Add a service account

This opens a New service account editor, where you can specify roles and description where you are going to use this service account (optional):

Specify roles

You can change roles after creating the service account.

When you click Generate key, it generates a JSON file and downloads it to your computer. This file has your account ID and email, the generated key ID, and the private key used for authorization with a JWT.

Service account roles

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Service account roles grant extra permissions to your service account. Without any role, only the following management API requests are available:

To extend the number of available management API requests for a service account, add a role to it. You can add a role while creating a service account, or you can choose an existing account in the Service accounts list, click the three dots menu, and choose Edit:

Edit an account

This opens a service account editor. Click Add role and choose one or more roles, depending on the rights you need to provide to the service account:

Add roles

After you click Save, the service account's permissions are updated.