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Phone numbers

To make and receive calls to/from stationary or mobile numbers, you need to have a phone number attached to your application. This number is necessary to call in case of incoming calls and to use as a caller ID in case of outgoing calls.


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Buying a phone number

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To buy a phone number, log in to your Voximplant control panel and select the Numbers section from the main menu:

Numbers section

In the left upper corner, choose Buy a new phone number:

Buy a number

This opens a list of available phone numbers to buy.

You can choose between real phone numbers and test ones, specify the desired phone number country, state, and city:

Phone numbers list

Test phone numbers are good for testing apps and developers. To call a test phone number, you need to call one of Voximplant inner numbers and enter the test number as an extension.

Please note

You cannot use a test phone number as your Caller ID.

Once you buy a phone number, you can attach it to your application and use it.

Attaching a phone number to an application

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To attach a number to your application, go to the Applications section in your control panel, choose the necessary application, and switch to the Numbers tab. Choose an available number and click Attach:

Attach a number to an app

You can choose a routing rule while attaching the number, or you can do it later manually.

Choose a rule

You can buy several numbers and bind them to several routing rules to process the numbers in different ways.

Once you attach a phone number to your application, you can make and receive calls.

Frequently asked questions

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Q: I bought a phone number but incoming calls are always busy. What is the reason?
A: Check if the phone number is not attached to your application. See the Attaching a phone number to an application section to learn how to do it.

Q: Can I set up call forwarding from a stationary phone to a mobile one?
A: Yes, you can. To do that, purchase a phone number on our platform, create an application, and implement the transfer logic in the scenario.

Q: I cannot use a certain phone number or the platform requests additional KYC.
A: Depending on the country, where you buy a phone number, there are different requirements to use the number. Some countries require additional verification or KYC. If you buy such a number, you get a warning about what kind of verification is required. You can contact support to reserve a desired phone number before verification.

Q: Can I buy a phone number of any country?
A: Yes, Voximplant has a great variety of countries, and depending on the country there are mobile, stationary, and even toll-free phone numbers available. Some countries require a KYC before purchasing a phone number.

Q: Can I buy a stationary number?
A: Depending on the country, you can buy mobile, stationary, or even toll-free phone numbers to use with your application.

Q: Are there any restrictions on using certain phone numbers?
A: Depending on the country, you may need to proceed with KYC to purchase a phone number. You can see all the requirements when buying a phone number.

Q: What is the difference between real and testing phone numbers?
A: Testing numbers are free, but to call a testing number, you need to call a Voximplant number and enter the testing number as an extension. You cannot use a testing number as a caller ID, and you cannot make more than 100 calls per day and more than 3 calls per minute with a testing number. Real numbers do not have these limits.

Q: How do I pay for a phone number subscription?
A: You can find this information in the Phone number subsciptions section of our Billing page.