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How telephony works

Usually, people consider a phone call as a connection between two endpoints (a caller and a callee), but in the telecom world, a call consists of two connections called "call legs": from a phone to a telecom operator’s hardware/software and from a telecom operator’s hardware/software to another phone.

For Voximplant each call leg is simply called "a call", and each call can be controlled independently by the JavaScript code deployed in the Voximplant cloud. Our cloud can be considered as a telecom operator from the scheme above, where a call can arrive not only from the phone network but also from the IP network (SIP device or application, Voximplant Web or Mobile SDK). You can tell the Voximplant cloud what to do with each call using JavaScript: connect to another call, join a conference, record voice or video, etc. Similarly, a call can be sent from the Voximplant cloud to the different types of endpoints.