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Voximplant users are necessary to authorize your web or mobile SDK applications or SIP clients, in order to make/receive calls and use messaging functionality.

How to create a user

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You can create a user via the Voximplant control panel or by executing the AddUser management API method.

To create a user in the control panel, go to the Applications section and choose the necessary application. Then go to the Users section and click the Create a user button in the upper right corner (or in the middle of the screen if your app has no users):

Create a user

This opens a New user editor:

New user editor

Specify the username, password and display name for your new user, and click Create. If you want to create several users, you can check the Create another checkbox and so it opens a new editor when the user is created.


You can disable the active checkbocks to make the user inactive. Inactive users cannot log in to the application.


You can set up the user to have a separate balance account to control expenses.

Frequently asked questions

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Q: I need to create an application for a customer with a separate account balance. How can I do it?
A: You can create a new application and a user with a separate account balance within this application. If you want to give this customer full access to the application, you can create a child account for this customer.